Melleefresh’s discovery of deadmau5 in 2005 marked a massive shift in the focus of Play Records, her label for over ten years, triggering a succession of dance hits and electro big-room bangers that would turn the club world on it’s arse. Digital download site, Beatport, was inundated with number one hits from the Melleefresh/deadmau5 duo (aka Freshmau5). Juno nominated, Afterhours was number one for several weeks in ‘07. Hey Baby was number one on Beatport’s all-time classic chart from ‘06 to ‘09 and has garnered nearly 4 million you tube fans!

Attention Whore hit number one on the Billboard Chart in ‘09 and a re-release of Sex Slave did the same thing once again that year. Melleefresh’s brilliant and timeless work with deadmau5 will go down in dance music history as one of the most successful electro house partnerships of all-time.

Melleefresh’s unique approach to the electronic music industry facilitates endless collaborations and has attracted talent worldwide. Starkillers from Las Vegas and Dirtyloud from Brazil recently remixed a classic Melleefresh & Dirty 30 original “Beautiful, Rich & Horny”; a SpekrFreks and Melleefresh original “Damelo” was remixed by Koen Groeneveld from Holland, DJ PP from Uruguay, Darth & Vader from Brazil; a Melleefresh original production “Intuition” was remixed by Alex Kenji from Italy, Muzzaik from Holland, Dubsidia from UK, and Darth & Vader from Brazil.

Her recent #1 venture into dubstep with Calvertron “8BitDreamz” came out in August of last year 2012 on “Jack Knife Records” charted for 4 months in the summer which culminated in a live performance of Mellee and “Calvertron” in September in Toronto at the Annex Wreckroom a remix of the song by “Dank Official” came out middle of December shot to the #5 spot and went as high as #2 to bring in the New Year 2013 looks very promising!

Along with a series of live shows throughout the US and the UK this year, Melleefresh is busy, on the road, performing and DJ’ing, changing it up and pushing the envelope!

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