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At Play, Vol. 5 (DJ Mix)



Hand-crafted, functional, unique & artisanal continuous DJ Mix of the fifth and final instalment of the deadmau5 At Play series. Featuring rarities alongside mixes of collaborations with Melleefresh and Billy Newton-Davis, this is a solid 52 minutes of party-hearty house, electro, progressive and techno.

It includes the tracks Bitter Kitten, Overdraft, Fallen, I Like Your Music (deadmau5 Velvet Remix) with Billy Newton-Davis, Assorted, Afterhours (Electro House Mix) with Melleefresh, This Noise (Deeper Logic Mix), All U Ever Want with Billy Newton-Davis, Stereo Fidelity (Unorganized Remix) and Outta My Life (Deep Dub Remix) with Billy Newton-Davis.