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Video Girl, Remixed

Kardano & Tyra Jutai


Video Girl, Remixed is the fifth of eight remix packs from Kardano's 2022 album Art of Tones, featuring the sultry voice of Canadian vocalist Tyra Jutai.

One of our favourite songs from the album, Video Girl is remixed by Canadian producers Melleefresh, 303 Dreams, Stormecloudz, and Disco Code Violation, as well as Korean hip-hop producer Deep Rooted Tree and Peruvian producer Dianso.

A great track no matter the genre.

  1. Video Girl (Melleefresh Remix)
  2. Video Girl (Deep Rooted Tree Remix)
  3. Video Girl (303 Dreams Remix)
  4. Video Girl (Stormecloudz Remix)
  5. Video Girl (Dianso Remix)
  6. Video Girl (Disco Code Violation Remix)
  7. Video Girl (Instrumental)