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Melleefresh's Hot Bangin' Hits Vol. 2 / International record label for house, electronic & dance music

Melleefresh's Hot Bangin' Hits Vol. 2



Melleefresh became known to the public with the her original track, Beautiful Rich and Horny, a collab with AlixanderIII (aka Dirty30) and a remix by an unknown producer who called himself deadmau5. The track was picked up by Judge Jules in the UK and played everywhere in 2006. Electro house at its "banging'est"!

A succession of Melleefresh & deadmau5 collabs known as freshmau5 followed, and then a series of remixes done by some of Mellee's favourite producers including the 40ozProfits, Starkillers, Federico Scavo! More original collabs with AlixanderIII, the Hoxton Whores, Calvertron, Spekrfreks, Boy Pussy, Marcie Joy & more!

The hits just keep on comin'!

  1. The Money (deadmau5 Neon Mau5 Remix)
  2. Hey Baby (Olav Basoski Remix)
  3. Let's Get Dirty (Ishe Mix)
  4. Beautiful, Rich & Horny (Tradelove Remix)
  5. Afterhours (Plastik Funk Remix)
  6. Sex Slave (deadmau5 Make Me Make That Sound Remix)
  7. Attention Whore (Original Mix)
  8. Motorcycle Prostitute (Electro Mix)
  9. Intuition (Muzzaik Remix)
  10. Surrender (Original Mix)