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Bakers Dozen

Melleefresh & Spekrfreks


Thirteen smashing original electro productions from your favourite dance, disco diva, Melleefresh and San Fran's Electro/Dubstep/Glitchhop sensations Spekrfresks! With a bonus continuous DJ mix of the entire album from VP of Play Records, Spydabrown!

  1. Besame (Original Mix)
  2. Booty Call (Original Mix)
  3. Damelo (Original Mix)
  4. Dance Bitch (Original Mix)
  5. Candy (Original Mix)
  6. Digital Sex Kitten (Original Mix)
  7. Chocolate Bunny (Original Mix)
  8. Hypnotize Me (Original Mix)
  9. Wet (Original Mix)
  10. Ride Or Die (Original Mix)
  11. IDGAF (Original Mix)
  12. Destiny (Original Mix)
  13. Wind Up Game (Original Mix)