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New York Bitch



Underground dance duo NOHC strike familiar chords with their latest gritty work, New York Bitch. It's a unique and audacious track that harkens back to their NYC foundations.

"This is an odd one," explains producer Kris Von. "The session for this track is labeled 'Sue Sings Like Taylor.'" Vocalist Suzanne Real had written a super-poppy Taylor Swift melody that had challenged Von for months. But an overheard Nero track triggered inspiration. "Some of their productions struck a chord with me and I began to put together the pounding bass and kick that drive the verse."

A born-and-bred New Yorker, Real qualifies the track as having a very NYC attitude. "Lyrically," says Real, "it was my reaction to false friendships and personalities."

New York Bitch marks a milestone for NOHC, solidifying their shift from a techno-centric East Coast trio to a West Coast duo that isn't afraid to let their music dictate itself.

Like its namesake, New York Bitch is street-wise and swaggering, crass and cool, and you want to spend all night club-hopping with it.

NOHC's original mix is joined on this release by an electro house remix from Melleefresh and an acid house remix from 303 Dreams.

  1. New York Bitch (Original Mix)
  2. New York Bitch (Melleefresh Remix)
  3. New York Bitch (303 Dreams Acid House Remix)