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Let It Go

Saladin ft. Christina Novelli


“Saladin and Christina Novelli teamed up to deliver you the perfect dance tune!” - EDM Nations

Saladin’s first collaboration with a renowned vocalist, Let It Go sets a high bar with the prodigious DJ’s skillful production work and the most heartfelt qualities of Christina Novelli’s voice.

“When I first heard Gareth Emery’s Concrete Angel,” remembers Saladin, “Christina’s vocals melted my heart. And I thought to myself, I’ve got to work with her.”

The original version of the track was reworked into a more pop music style that would better complement the passion and emotion of Novelli’s vocal contribution.

The result is a radio-friendly track that carves a lush path between booming dance track and traditional love ballad. Included in this release is a dancefloor-ready Club Mix of the track prepared by Saladin in his signature prog house/electro house form and a big room Miami remix from Florida's E39.

  1. Let It Go (Original Mix)
  2. Let It Go (Club Mix)
  3. Let It Go (E39 Miami Mix)