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Steampunk: The Musical Continues

Spekrfreks, Melleefresh, John Henry Nyenhuis


The Steampunk EP has finally arrived and ready to take you on a Glitch Hop ride. Join Melleefresh and her time traveling companions the SpekrFreks as they take a trip into an alternate universe of steam technology, blind tigers, speakeasies and espionage. Enjoy the mystery and dance to the music of the steam machines in this Glitch Hop musical.

  1. Introsteam (Original Mix)
  2. Steampunk (Original Mix)
  3. Not Quite Of The Times (SpekrFreks Remix)
  4. Mannequin Swing (Original Mix)
  5. Koochie Koo (SpekrFreks Remix)
  6. Pearly Gates (SpekrFreks Remix)
  7. Not Quite Of The Times (Original Mix)
  8. Kootchie Koo (Original Mix)
  9. Pearly Gates (Original Mix)