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Various Artists


Play Records returns to the vibrant streets of Amsterdam for yet another sensational combo of new, remixed, and re-released tracks with PLAY AT ADE 2018. This is a hella hot compilation that brings together the finest in house, jackin house, deep house, future house, tech house, electro house, and indie dance.

PLAY AT ADE 2018 features new tracks from Midnite Heat and DJ Ronika, new remixes from Abdo and Tavares, and a new instrumental mix of Melleefresh vs Sordid Soundz's Moroder-inspired single Fresh. Two other remixes feature prominently on the compilation from the supreme mixing talents of Peter Brown and Crazibiza.

The majority of tracks on this comp come from the exceptional artists whose tracks we've released in the past year, including Axel Knox & RobbieG, Sam Girling ft. I-TWAR, Michael Murica ft. Matt Aubrey, STAT, Spekrfreks, Saladin and Nervous Freaks.

Tot ziens in Amsterdam!

  1. Fergal Freeman ft. Lokka Vox - All I Wanna Be Is Happy (Abdo Remix)
  2. Midnite Heat - Del Mar (Original Mix)
  3. K1C3V5K1 - Wanna Hold You (Tavares Remix)
  4. Melleefresh vs Sordid Soundz - Fresh (Instrumental Mix)
  5. Melleefresh - Candy Cane (The Peter Brown Remix)
  6. Dj Oleg Skipper & Syntheticsax - Closer to a Body (Original Mix)
  7. Axel Knox & RobbieG - It Helps Me (Original Mix)
  8. Sam Girling ft. I-TWAR - Fall (Original Mix)
  9. Michael Murica ft. Matt Aubrey - Static Anthem (Extended Mix)
  10. STAT - My Love (Original Mix)
  11. Billy Newton-Davis vs deadmau5 - All You Ever Want (Crazibiza Vocal Remix)
  12. SpekrFreks - Danger (Original Mix)
  13. Saladin - Feel The Love (Original Mix)
  14. Nervous Freaks - Dreamless (Original Mix)
  15. DJ Ronika - Soul of the Forest (Original Mix)