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Play at Pride 2018

Various Artists


Play Records celebrates LGBT festivities with its annual Pride compilation, chosen by longtime label buddies, San Francisco's SpekrFreks.

Play at Pride 2018 features five new tracks from SpekrFreks, Melleefresh, Boy Pussy, K1C3V5K1 and DJ Ronika, as well as some of the choicest tunes from our catalogue by such artists as Nervous Freaks, MC Flipside, Saladin, Arminoise, Stifano, and more.

Get out of the closet and into the club with Play at Pride 2018.

Also check out the Play at Pride 2018 companion continuous DJ mix selected and mixed by SpekrFreks.

  1. Melleefresh vs Gettoblaster - Don't Stop (Original Mix)
  2. Flexx - Basse & Beat (Original Mix)
  3. Melleefresh vs MC Flipside & Chris Vench - Kontrolling You (Jerome Robins Disko Funk Remix)
  4. Luke DB & Eddy J - Into The Groove (Original Mix)
  5. SpekrFreks - Danger (Original Mix)
  6. AMAT - Dystopia (Original Mix)
  7. Arminoise - All Is Clear (Original Mix)
  8. Nervous Freaks - Trashed in Ibiza (Original Mix)
  9. JJ Mullor - Humvee (Original Mix)
  10. K1C3V5K1 - Party Don't Stop (Original Mix)
  11. deadmau5 - GH (Original Mix)
  12. Stifano - Energy (Original Mix)
  13. Saladin - Twenty Below (Original Mix)
  14. DJ Ronika - Break (Original Mix)
  15. Melleefresh vs Boy Pussy - Hello Pussy (Original Mix)