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Black Spark feat. Lokka Vox


Hailing from the Brazilian city of São Paulo, Luciano Oliveira, otherwise known as Black Spark, first emerged on to the EDM scene in 2010 with an EP for Surfer Rosa Records. "Black Spark makes the kind of music that we adore: fresh, up to the minute production, inherent musicality and peak-time forward-looking sounds - electro-house doesn't get better than this". Tim Healey. So good was his bootleg of Katy Perry's "ET", that it prompted a slew of remix requests from major labels (YAWA, Play Records, Cetral Station etc...), most notably Pitbull, with the single "Throw Your Hands Up", has been shredded by the monster sound of Black Spark. Recently won the prize of best Remix in Beatport Contest by remix the single "Baddest" from Dj Vaski.

His latest release is his best yet. Massive uplifting progressive house that will no doubt be heard in every big room or festival all summer!

  1. Black Spark - So Beautiful (feat. Lokka Vox) (Original Mix)