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Mambo Rum 'n' Roll

Blue Eyed Day


If Pérez Prado, Duane Eddy, and Daft Punk had a baby...

Blue Eyed Day's Mambo Rum 'n' Roll is arguably the most Summer-centric track we've ever released, cleverly fusing mambo, 1960s surf rock, and EDM.

Driven by a catchy piano hook and a twangy guitar riff, the 4 mixes on this release were borne of the Latvian multi-instrumentalist's desire for a warm climate. "I live in a rather cold country," admits Blue Eyed Day.

So if you appreciate good rhythms and melodies, soothing ocean breezes, and swaying palm trees, Mambo Rum 'n' Roll will be a delight to your ears.

As for the rum in the title, Blue Eyed Day explains with a smile, "Where there is Mambo, there are rum parties."

Can't argue with that.

  1. Mambo Rum 'n' Roll (Original Mix)
  2. Mambo Rum 'n' Roll (Club Mix)
  3. Mambo Rum 'n' Roll (House Mix)
  4. Mambo Rum 'n' Roll (Extended House Mix)