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All Over Me

Carlos Barbosa


Carlos Barbosa returns to Play Records with a hard-hitting sophomore effort. Luxuriant piano synths roll all over the originals vocal; absolutely sure to make you scream. Remixes by electro new wiz-kid Chris Luvly, progressive tech gurus NHB, the anthemic Hacker Boys, and Canadian prog commandant Dezza. Package is finished off proper with a wonderful dutch re-edit by Jayson Miro & dArezzo.

  1. All Over Me (Original Mix)
  2. All Over Me (Chrizz Luvly Remix)
  3. All Over Me (NHB Remix)
  4. All Over Me (Hacker Boys Remix)
  5. All Over Me (Dezza Remix)
  6. All Over Me (Jayson Miro & D'Arezzo Re-Edit)