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Rollercoaster EP

Fergal Freeman


Rollercoaster EP brings beats that surprise as Fergal Freeman stretches 4 new tracks across house, breakbeat, bass house and Melbourne bounce genres.

"With Rollercoaster, the inspiration came from looking at a rollercoaster ride," says Freeman. "I wanted to catch the build-up and then the emotion of the twists and turns in the ride."

Drawing inspirations from such sources as Skrillex, Loud Luxury, House of Pain, and Black Box, these four tracks are solid walls of body-shaking club music that will keep your party people on the dance floor.

  1. Rollercoaster (Original Mix)
  2. Everybody Jump! (Original Mix)
  3. You Are (Original Mix)
  4. I Want Everything (Original Mix)
  5. You Are (Radio Edit)
  6. I Want Everything (Radio Edit)