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Scottish producer Hotknife's debut solo album, Debut, is a booty-shakin' fusion of guitar-laden funk, house, disco, and soul.

"As a guitarist who primarily listens to house music," explains Hotknife, "I've always felt caught between genres." Debut is a reconciliation of those impulses.

Reared on a discofunk diet of Nile Rodgers, Average White Band and French House artists like Alex Gopher and Etienne de Crecy, Hotknife builds on his influences to create orchestras of funk guitar riffery.

Sitting in on vocals are three unique and exquisite artists.

From Los Angeles come the inspiring raps of Everyman on The Ultimate. "He has a flow that sits perfectly in the pocket," says Hotknife, comparing the emcee to Big Daddy Kane.

Last seen with Hotknife on their cover of Wham's Everything She Wants, Richie provides his bright, dynamic voice on two tracks, the incredibly upbeat Right Back and the more introspective Again.

And newcomer Iona Mulholland makes an exceptional entrance on the soulful house Breaking Out and funky house You'll Do Tonight, giving both tracks their sultry power.

Debut is a bold collection of house bangers, funky grooves, and disco moves.

Danceability: 10.

  1. Oh Baby (Original Mix)
  2. Need (Original Mix)
  3. Hotknife ft Iona Mulholland - Breaking Out (Original Mix)
  4. Hotknife ft. Everyman - The Ultimate (Original Mix)
  5. Come With Me/Beach Bangin' (Debut Mix)
  6. Beach Bangin' Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
  7. Hotknife ft. Richie - Right Back (Original Mix)
  8. Hotknife ft Iona Mulholland - You'll Do Tonight (Original Mix)
  9. Hotknife ft Richie - Again (Original Mix)
  10. One People (Original Mix)