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Everything She Wants

Hotknife ft. Richie


A Yalp Records release.

One of the greatest pop songs of the 1980s gets a 21st century disco/funk update in this cover of Wham!'s Everything She Wants.

This cover of (arguably) George Michael's finest work came about from a social media post. "I found an a cappella online," recalls producer Hotknife, "And I was just jamming to it on Instagram for fun." We saw that post and urged the Glasgow-based funky/disco house maestro to run with it.

Bringing in singer Richie (who counts Everything She Wants among his favourite songs), Hotknife recorded vocals as close to the original as possible. "It's the first cover I've done as Hotknife and it's a big track," he says, "So I wanted to be respectful of the original without making a carbon copy."

The result is a bad-ass disco-funk cover that is both novel and familiar. Perfect for any dance floor.

  1. Everything She Wants (Original Mix)
  2. Everything She Wants (Radio Edit)
  3. Everything She Wants (Instrumental)