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Glaswegian producer Hotknife returns this October for Debut, his first solo album, featuring 10 new funky house, disco house, and EDM tracks. First out of the gate is this lead single, Oh Baby.

"The E minor 7 chord has got to be the funkiest chord on the guitar," he proclaims. And jamming on that chord is what brought Hotknife to Oh Baby, pairing his guitar chucking with the most thunderous drums and the nasty funk bass sounds he could find.

Oh Baby sets the tone for the forthcoming Hotknife album, relying less on the standard pop song arrangements of his previous works and more on a dance format. "Though no matter what I play on the guitar," he admits, "there is always going to be Nile Rodgers influence."

Hotknife lets it all hang out on the b-side, Book of Tricks, as he puts on a clinic in live instrumentation. It's as close as he's gotten to pure, analog funk.

For funky-ass house music, press play.

  1. Oh Baby (Original Mix)
  2. Oh Baby (Radio Edit)
  3. Book of Tricks (Original Mix)