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I'm Watching You



Originally released on our NYE 2020 compilation, I'm Watching You is the latest work of electro house from UK producer idoLies.

Phatt and chunky where it counts, I'm Watching You is a track that had languished for ages on the producer's drafting board. "I took out a lot of the original elements and made it more minimal," he credits. What we're left with lives somewhere between electro house and tech house, in equal measures complex and uncluttered.

Two remixes accompany the single - a bouncy techno remix from Kasey Riot and a driving electro remix from Ruinizer - as well as an instrumental.

  1. I'm Watching You (Original Mix)
  2. I'm Watching You (Ruinizer Remix)
  3. I'm Watching You (Kasey Riot Remix)
  4. I'm Watching You (Instrumental)