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UK electro house producer idoLies made his Play debut in our most recent NYE compilation. He returns for more of the same dark and dirty electro on his latest release, featuring 2 new works - Step it Up and Get That Body Moving - that employ his signature sound.

"Since working on tracks in a more pop song structure," he explains, "I've found it easier to write without drifting or losing sense of the structure." Keeping his work uncluttered, with minimal phatt synths and catchy vocals hook, idoLies allows plenty of scope for club remixes.

Though he's found inspiration in such artists as DustyCloud, Haezer, and early Black Tiger Sex Machine, his works also contain a hint of industrial music.

"Recently I've been listening to EBM bands like Front Line Assembly and Nitzer Ebb," he admits. "They have great bass lines!"

  1. Step It Up (Original Mix)
  2. Get That Body Moving (Original Mix)
  3. Step It Up (Instrumental)