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Friend Zone

JackEL & JLM


People of Earth! Your Summer 2019 pop banger is here.

The first collaboration between Las Vegas wunderkind JackEL and Arizona's new kid on the block JLM, Friend Zone is a high concept piece of dance and future bass music that serves as the perfect festival anthem for any boy with a broken heart.

"Lyrically, I was inspired by several women in my life," says JackEL with a wry smile.

A daring choice of theme for a dance track, Friend Zone delivers a dichotomy of upbeat electronic vibes and sparkling acoustic guitar. "JLM came into the process with a great idea for the synths," JackEL says, "and once we started working, the track came together very fast."

Included with the original mix are 3 remixes: a bouncy dance remix from Canadian house music diva Melleefresh, a bass house/electro remix by San Francisco's Wolvero, and a grinding house remix courtesy of Glasgow's Hotknife.

  1. Friend Zone (Original Mix)
  2. Friend Zone (Melleefresh Remix)
  3. Friend Zone (Hotknife Remix)
  4. Friend Zone (Wolvero Remix)