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One great thing about music in the 21st Century is how worlds can collide. Such is the case with this batch of remixes of Serbian producer K1C3V5K1's track, Wanna Hold You.

Upon hearing K1C3V5K1's original future house mix earlier this year, Brazil's Tavares liked it so much that he set to work remixing it with his own unique, bass-heavy indie dance flair. The Tavares Remix of Wanna Hold You was recently released on our PLAY AT ADE 2018 compilation.

Then Irish-Canadian producing workhorse Fergal Freeman stepped up to give K1C3V5K1's track a much lighter and simplified house music remix, making its premiere with this release.

All 3 mixes are a testament to how electronic music producers from all over the world can easily have a positive impact on each other's work, creating vastly different and spectacular results with the same set of elements.

  1. Wanna Hold You (Fergal Freeman Remix)
  2. Wanna Hold You (Tavares Remix)
  3. Wanna Hold You (Radio Edit)
  4. Wanna Hold You (Tavares Extended Remix)
  5. Wanna Hold You (Original Mix)