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Vancouver house producer Kardano releases his first full-length album, Art of Tones, featuring an all-Canadian line-up of vocalists - Tyra Jutai, Dtaborah, Melleefresh, Pinkee Skylark, Kor, Billy Newton-Davis, Marcus Carey, and Kardano himself.

Art of Tones started inauspiciously as a phone call from Kardano, asking Melleefresh if she could recommend any vocalists with whom he could collaborate. 'I proposed a bunch of fabulous singers I know,' Mellee recalls, 'and suggested we package the collaborations into an album.' 

With the working title Kardano Does Kanada, Art of Tones was produced over several months in 2021, both between and during pandemic lockdowns, with Kardano patching into recording sessions remotely from his studio in Vancouver.

'I'm very hands-on and prefer to collaborate in person,' says Kardano, 'But under the circumstances, it was the next best thing.'

Kardano further develops his signature sound on Art of Tones, striking a delicate balance between house music and electro pop. With each singer delivering their distinctive vocal style, it's a one-of-a-kind collection of music made to dance to.

  1. Kardano & Tyra Jutai - Video Girl (Original Mix)
  2. Kardano & Dtaborah - DJ Play Those Records (Original Mix)
  3. Kardano & Melleefresh - A.D.I.D.A.S. (Original Mix)
  4. Kardano & Pinkee Skylark - Sunday Morning (Original Mix)
  5. Kardano & Billy Newton-Davis - Feel Alright (Original Mix)
  6. Kardano & Marcus Carey - Copper 'n Gold (Original Mix)
  7. Kardano & Kor - Cold Fire (Original Mix)
  8. Time of Day (Original Mix)