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From Mumbai's Kratex comes this foray into an early 90s-style of Acid House, both the artist's and label's first step into the genre. And holy smoke, does this track ever kick.

"I've been following David Guetta's and Calvin Harris' underground aliases (JackBack and Love Regenerator, respectively)," says Kratex. "And I love how they take the classic rave sound and transform it into modern festival music."

Employing similar techniques on I Like That, Kratex also found himself working without a net. "This is the first time I used live mini performance for the acid break down," he admits. "It gives the track a humanized feeling present in early 90s Acid House."

With a personal style that consists of tech house and techno mixed with funky house tunes and bassline house beats, he can now add acid house to his list of production credentials.

  1. I Like That (Original Mix)