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Let's Do This

Mathey B


It's always a pleasure to watch an artist develop their style over time. One such example can be found on Let's Do This, Finnish tech house producer Mathey B's follow-up to his 2019 release on this label.

Mathey B takes his deep appreciation for 80s synth pop and injects it with his own modern style and energy. Influenced by such contemporaries as Fisher, Danny Howard, and Jaded, Mathey B crafts a hoppin' good dance party on Let's Do This.

Rounding out the release are the artist's track Come On Baby, previously only available on last year's Play at ADE compilation, and a bonus Melleefresh remix of that track.

  1. Let's Do This (Original Mix)
  2. Crazy Bit*h (Original Mix)
  3. Come On Baby (Original Mix)
  4. Come On Baby (Melleefresh Jackin' Remix)