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Chica Mala (La La La)



Canada's acclaimed dance music diva Melleefresh serves up the spicy 'Chica Mala (La La La)' - the second single off her iconic forthcoming album Invincible!

Following the well-deserved success of her chart-topping collaboration with Jerome Robins, 'Mamita', here comes another tribute to Melleefresh's Spanish-speaking fans that will leave the dancefloor dripping with sweat.

'Chica Mala (La La La)' puts a Latin twist on a classic house palette with a splash of reggaeton and a saucy vocal from the Play Records boss queen that will perk your ears up and leave you begging for more. The single also includes an instrumental mix and radio edit!

  1. Chica Mala (La La La) (Original Mix)
  2. Chica Mala (La La La) (Radio Edit)
  3. Chica Mala (La La La) (Instrumental)
  4. Chica Mala (La La La) (Acapella)