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LateNite Show

Melleefresh vs Crossfingers


When you cross a Juno 2008 nominated Hot n' Dirteee Electro House vocalist, producer, writer, Melleefresh and the Grammy's 2015 nominated Italian dynamic dj duo producers Xtrordinaire, Crossfingers.

The magic of a stacatto disco groovyin beat,the non stop demanding strong superbitch voice of Ms Fresh starts yer body undulating , the bass makes yer heart pound faster, and all you want is to Scream Out....'Give me more' H.E.D (HouseElectroDance)

Somewhere between Italy ,Canada ,The UK and Vegas a very Fantastic Sexy Collaboration has taken shape Fasten yer seat belt and blast this in your car!!!!
Here comes ... 'LateNite Show'

  1. LateNite Show (Original Mix)
  2. LateNite Show (Instrumental Mix)
  3. LateNite Show (Acapella)