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The Money Remixes

Melleefresh & Dirty 30 vs Scandalis


Breaks & beats, electro house, and progressive house remixes of Melleefresh & Dirty 30's The Money by deadmau5, Kid Dub, Rod Debyser, Dextress, DJ Zya, and Kaysh.

  1. The Money (deadmau5 Neon Mau5 Remix)
  2. The Money (Kid Dub Corporate Dollars Remix)
  3. The Money (Rod Debyser Remix)
  4. The Money (Rod Debyser Radio Edit)
  5. The Money (Rod Debyser Dub Remix)
  6. The Money (Dextress Dodgy Dollars Remix)
  7. The Money (DJ Zya Remix)
  8. The Money (Kaysh Rockstar Remix)