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Intuition 2020



The latest release in Melleefresh's redux series is this shiny, new tech house remix of her 2011 single, Intuition.

Inspired by the fact that the original release never got the attention it deserved, with its super video using the dubstep artist Dubsidia version.

The song is a storyline of loyalty, deception, and trust sparked by a split with a former collaborator. She was hoping a new different genre (tech house) version would have people hunting for the video. The original vocal and the melodyned chorus she absolutely retained.

'When the original track came about I was listening to a lot of Nero. Their singer Alana Watson was super. She has an airy vocal quality that pairs really well with the more masculine, bass-driven production of dubstep.'

Melleefresh's banging 2020 Remix with its 4-to-the-floor beat lives up to the standard set by its predecessor!

  1. Intuition (Melleefresh 2020 Remix)