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Let's Do It Together: The Remixes



Hot on the heels of its single release, Melleefresh's latest gets a series of remix treatments. Let's Do It Together finds the dance diva shifting from her role as digital sex kitten to one of spiritual cheerleader.

First up is Melleefresh's own lush and sensuous nu disco remix with a decidedly French flavour. Vancouver's Kardano follows with a more traditional house take on the track, happily sampling and twisting Mellee's vocals.

Liverpool's Danny Jay brings his UK style to bear on his hard-hitting house remix. And Canada's dj genderfluid kicks it up a notch to 150 genders per minute in the finale of his hard dance remix.

So yeah, let's do it together with this awesome collection of bangin' remixes.

  1. Let's Do It Together (Melleefresh Remix)
  2. Let's Do It Together (Kardano Remix)
  3. Let's Do It Together (Danny Jay Remix)
  4. Let's Do It Together (dj genderfluid Remix)
  5. Let's Do It Together (Original Mix)