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Memories: The Remixes



After spending the past 4 months on Beatport's Top 100 Hype Charts, Melleefresh's electro pop anthem Memories gets a swath of banging remixes.

Memories: The Remixes features an incredibly diverse selection of dance genres - house, tech house, tribal house, melodic techno, wave, hard dance, and progressive trance - from an array of remix artists - Germany's Jay Frog, the UK's Danny Jay, America's Fyoomz, and Canadians dj genderfluid, MXJ, 303 Dreams and Melleefresh herself.

"Though I recorded my vocals before the pandemic began," explains Melleefresh, "it's actually a really appropriate tune for what we're all going through."

So if you're locked down in quarantine and looking for a theme song, take your pick of Memories: The Remixes.

  1. Memories (Jay Frog Remix)
  2. Memories (MXJ Remix)
  3. Memories (Melleefresh Melodic Techno Remix)
  4. Memories (Fyoomz Remix)
  5. Memories (dj genderfluid Remix)
  6. Memories (Danny Jay Remix)
  7. Memories (303 Dreams Remix)
  8. Memories (Original Mix)