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With the release of Afterhours Redux in 2018, Canadian dance diva Melleefresh began returning to her roots to reinvent her early collaborations with deadmau5.

Over the course of the next four years, Melleefresh released five more redux singles, along with contemporary remixes of other works from her early career.

Now they all come together on the album Redux, along with her final reinvention, the tech house banger Whispers Redux.

The Redux album is a rare meeting of past and present, familiar yet new, across an array of genres such as house, electro, progressive, jackin' house, and techno.

  1. Hey Baby Redux (Original Mix)
  2. Afterhours Redux (Original Mix)
  3. Attention Whore Redux (Original Mix)
  4. Sex Slave Redux (Original Mix)
  5. Cocktail Queen Redux (Original Mix)
  6. Whispers Redux (Original Mix)
  7. Something Inside Me Redux (Original Mix)
  8. The Money (Melleefresh Tech Remix)
  9. White, Trashy & Blonde (Melleefresh Techno Remix)
  10. Melleefresh & Dirty 30 - Beautiful, Rich & Horny (2019 Melleefresh Remix)