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Soundtrack EP

Nervous Freaks


With Soundtrack EP, Ireland's Nervous Freaks (Marcin Golik and Nerijus Zastarskis) explore far beyond their deep house and tech house stock and trade to craft a stunningly emotional aural odyssey.

"After spending long hours in a studio making house tracks," says Zastarskis, "we sometimes need to get away from it, clear our heads, and refresh our creativity. So we try to create something unusual and fun."

Using live instruments sampled into software, Nervous Freaks have crafted 3 beautiful electronica tracks that harken to music icons Jamie xx and Nora En Pure. Infectious and evocative, Soundtrack EP is as likely to give you butterflies as it is to bring you to tears.

File under Music For Journeys.

  1. Dreamless (Original Mix)
  2. After All (Original Mix)
  3. Lost Youth (Original Mix)