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NHB feat. Renato Carosone


The Neopolitan flavour of musical legend Renato Carosone is reworked into a bouncy house jewel by the three Italian members of NHB (Not Hard Beats). Hot off their Beatport techno success F**king, the trio have returned in playful cheeky fashion with an excellent interpretation of Renato Corosones OSarricino. The gypsy cafe flavour of Renatos original track shines over NHBs rolling baseline and funky groove to create a track that is sure to mash up dancefloors this fall. Theres something about Renatos neopolitan songs a certain resonance, a haunting quality. All the girls he causes to sigh Bellu guaglione!

  1. NHB ft. Renato Carosone - O'Sarracino (Original Mix)
  2. NHB ft. Renato Carosone - O'Sarracino (Radio Edit)