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Paradise / International record label for house, electronic & dance music




Ever been held in the summertime? The warmth of the sun beating down on your skin, the closeness of a lover’s embrace, the city all around you? Imagine you could take a snapshot. Phauna's Paradise would be that soundtrack.

Comprised of vocalist/songwriter/producer Sally McKay and producer Mike Young, Phauna’s sound is reminiscent of the beautiful ache of living. Paradise evokes a classic jazz sensibility couched in lush 4/4 shuffled rhythms, drenched in a richness of textures that draw the listener into a swirling pool of layered melodies, detailed instrumentation, and elegant vocal work. Electric and acoustic play freely within each song, channelling the creative musical energy that drives them.

Beside songwriting and vocal duties, McKay also plays guitar and keys, while Young steps out from behind the mixing board to play bass. Several talented m,musicians lend stabs of saxophone, trumpet, organ, and additional guitar and keys to the mix, such as Amy Medvick, Ben Davenport, and Hari Sivan.

The end result is stunning, and sets Paradise travelling into soulful house, disco-inspired, and nu-jazz territories. Sure to get much mileage out of any turntable or CD player it touches. (Now in digital format.)

  1. Me To You (Intro) (Original Mix)
  2. Love Makes Us (Original Mix)
  3. Notion Of Love (Original Mix)
  4. Naturally (Original Mix)
  5. Need Rain (Middlefield Remix)
  6. All Around (Original Mix)
  7. Parkette (Original Mix)
  8. Causeway (Original Mix)
  9. Me To You (Interlude) (Original Mix)
  10. Reel (Original Mix)
  11. Turn To You (Original Mix)
  12. Need Rain (Original Mix)
  13. Naturally (Kemeticjust 4/4 Dub Remix)
  14. Me To You (Original Mix)