Play Records / Play Records 20th Anniversary 1996 - 2016: Phauna II

Play Records 20th Anniversary 1996 - 2016: Phauna II / International record label for house, electronic & dance music

Play Records 20th Anniversary 1996 - 2016: Phauna II



Phauna's music has an intimacy and vulnerability that utilizes a spare and direct electronic musical backdrop. Think David Sylvian meets Air. Mix it up with a vocal sound that wraps you in velvet and dripping honey. Phauna are Sally McKay - composer, vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, arranger/producer - and Mike Young - bassist, keyboardist, programmer/arranger. A shared love of electronic driven beats saw the pair moving more and more into the dance spectrum all the while maintaining the shape and melody of song. Phauna, released two 12"s and a full length CD, "Paradise" on Play Records, one of Toronto's leading independent dance labels. Their songs have been remixed by the likes of kemeticJust, Augusta (Paul E. Lopez, Patrick Paredes, Stephanne Vera - Tecknostep) Sans Soleil, Middlefield, Brian Ireland, tuube and DJ Peace Harvest. With deep lyrics, a soothing voice all put on an electronic backdrop. Phauna's sound is definitely unique. McKay's voice is soft and airy. Those into their mix of organic vocals with electronic beats will be singing Phauna's praises.' File Phauna under 'cool-ass mellow' on your playlists.

  1. Me To You (Interlude) (Original Mix)
  2. Reel (Original Mix)
  3. Causeway (Original Mix)
  4. All Around (Original Mix)
  5. Parkette (Original Mix)