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Talega Tech Beats

Project Vibez


Amidst the mountainous rainforests of Guatemala, there is a DJ spinnin' house tunes for a jubilant, crowded dancefloor. At the decks, he is DJ Project. But on this exhilarating 5-track foray into tech house, he is Project Vibez.

"I definitely got to try a lot of different things for this EP," he explains. "I'd mostly worked in minimal house and wasn't accustomed to such heavy bass lines. I found myself layering more pads and synths that ever before."

Citing such different influences as Joe Smooth, Armand Van Helden, and Artbat, Project Vibez brings a fresh approach to Tech House. And the result is muy dynamic.

Talega is local slang for "cool" or "dope". There is no better title for this collection of works than Talega Tech Beats.

  1. Elec Tronika (Original Mix)
  2. Guata Groove (Original Mix)
  3. Mama Juana (Original Mix)
  4. Mueve It Lo (Original Mix)
  5. Muy Dynamic (Original Mix)