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Quanah Style


Canada's most infamous trans artist Quanah Style follows up her debut album with two hot and sweaty club bangers, Savage and Big Boy Make Me Cry.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lil Kim, Peaches, and Cupcake, Quanah Style fearlessly channels her raw sexuality and boss bitch energy on both tracks. Savage, especially, pushes the lyrical envelope, with her First Nations heritage and identity as 2Spirit Cree providing the basis for her cultural claim of the word, a musical statement on par with early funk - and later rap and hip-hop - artists' claim of another racist word.

Joining her on both tracks are producer/DJ duo Diana Boss. Says Boss, "We moved away from the bright disco and vocal house sound that we are known for and pushed ourselves into dirty, electro pop territory - lots of metallic percussive elements, high energy transitions, and really fat bass lines."

While both tracks are lyrically graphic, Quanah Style's work exudes a coy charisma that lubricates the dance floor... She makes people want to get up and dance. "I want everyone listening to these tracks to feel like a bad bitch," she says.

  1. Quanah Style & Diana Boss - Savage (Original Mix)
  2. Quanah Style & Diana Boss - Big Boy Make Me Cry (Original Mix)