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Timeless / International record label for house, electronic & dance music


Richard Harrington ft. Env Vox


With extensive experience in producing underground dance tracks, London's Richard Harrington teams with vocalist Env Vox to create a more commercial blend of house music on Timeless.

"We wanted to create a track with that classic, old school house vibe," says Harrington, "but bring the sound up-to-date with an original vocal hook."

With its rhythmic foundations influenced by the likes of Dusky and Bicep and a dash of the vocal qualities of MK's 17, Timeless is an exuberant, feel-good work of art. As radio-friendly as it is dance floor-ready.

Included with this single release are house remixes from UK tech house journeyman Hilton Caswell and Canada's Fergal Freeman, and a techno remix from Harrington himself.

  1. Timeless (Original Mix)
  2. Timeless (Extended Mix)
  3. Timeless (Hilton Caswell Remix)
  4. Timeless (Fergal Freeman Remix)
  5. Timeless (Harrington's Techno Remix)