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Fantasy / International record label for house, electronic & dance music


Rith Banney


As a photographer, filmmaker, and music producer, France's Rith Banney is an artist straight out of the Renaissance and transported to the 21st century.

Fantasy completes a cycle of releases that Banney has made on the themes of sin and desire. Functioning as soundtracks to a story he is telling, this is also his first foray into the deep house music genre.

"With Fantasy, I was going for something very different," says Banney. "The idea was to create something more sensual, dreamy, and mysterious."

The single includes 5 mixes for club, festival, and radio play: Banney's two mixes and three remixes from a killer selection of French producers - Phil Soren, Anelli x Factuel, and Limbo.

Perfect music for that dark corner of the club where no one is looking.

  1. Fantasy (Original Mix)
  2. Fantasy (Phil Soren Remix)
  3. Fantasy (Anelli x Factuel Remix)
  4. Fantasy (Limbo Remix)
  5. Fantasy (Extended Mix)