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Pure Summer vibes are in full effect on S_PAT's Deep Waves, a deep house odyssey of chill proportions. The Milan-based pianist throws his full weight into his debut album with 9 solid beat-driven meditations on life.

S_PAT has crafted a transcendent audio journey that floats effortlessly into your ears, founded upon cultural influence from his pilgrimages into East London nightlife. "Specifically," says S_PAT, referring to his East London pedigree, "a venue called Village Underground which has a really positive vibe."

Among his artistic influences are the likes of Rich NXT and Enzo Siragusa of Fuse London, tInI of Desolat, and Jamie Jones of Hot Creation. "The bass lines and vocals they use are just unbelievably delightful."

There are 2 kinds of people in the world - those who sail around the Mediterranean and those who wish they were sailing around the Mediterranean. Deep Waves is a soundtrack for both.

  1. Break Up, Rise Up (Original Mix)
  2. EC2A (Original Mix)
  3. Deep Waves (Original Mix)
  4. Flowers (Original Mix)
  5. Full Moon (Original Mix)
  6. Meanwhile (Original Mix)
  7. Dream (Original Mix)
  8. S. Agata (Original Mix)
  9. Tomorrow (Original Mix)