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Love / Lust



Chicago DJ/producer Saladin explores the dual themes of love and lust with this release.

“It’s a song about a girl I wanted to date,” Saladin says of Lust. “I wanted to make a tribute to her.” And he has delivered in spades. A vibrant Big Room banger, Lust is rich with the sexual anticipation that drives you to the dance floor. Full of the raucous energy that makes clubbing so much fun.

By contrast, Feel The Love is a more introspective work - a deep, emotional track that starts in a blissful ambiance then builds into what could best be called a Future House love ballad. 

Both tracks reveal Saladin in peak form, creating a soundtrack that effortlessly bounces between the dance club and the bedroom.

  1. Lust (Original Mix)
  2. Feel The Love (Original Mix)