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Back It Up

Spekrfreks vs Billy Newton-Davis


What's going on in Billy Newton-Davis' head? Huge collaborations. SpekrFreks and Billy Newton-Davis have created an electro phenomenon of psychedelic consciousness that is attracting the interest of scholars worldwide. SPL, Jerome Robins, Melleefresh, & Zoltan Kontes round off the package with sonic and compositional remixes - experimenting by fusing their own electronic textures and influence with the original maximal production.

  1. Back It Up (Original Mix)
  2. Back It Up (SPL Vocal Remix)
  3. Spekrfreks vs Billy-Newton Davis - Back It Up (SPL Dub Remix)
  4. Back It Up (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins House Remix)
  5. Back It Up (Jerome Robins Shaker Heights Remix)
  6. Back It Up (Melleefresh vs Jerome Robins Velvet Fog Remix)
  7. Back It Up (Radio Edit)