Play Records / Candy

Candy / International record label for house, electronic & dance music


Spekrfreks vs Melleefresh & Billy Newton-Davis


A special delicacy for all you Easter treat lovers - Melleefresh and Billy Newton-Davis bounce frenzied vocals over SpekrFreks insane electro rhythms on the Original Mix & Radio Edit of 'Candy'. 2 Techno mixes by Melleefresh & Jerome Robins & Zoltan Kontes beef up the middle of the package with darker licorice interpretations. A debut Play Records appearance from Per Hammar delivers a classic rolling lounge tech house look while a special Melleefresh vs SpekrFreks 'Chocolate Bunny' bonus finishing move totally obliterates cravings and consummates a release that's sweet, savoury, and lascivious.

  1. Candy (Original Mix)
  2. Candy (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins vs Melleefresh Tech Vocal Remix)
  3. Candy (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins vs Melleefresh Tech Dub Remix)
  4. Candy (Per Hammar Tech House Remix)
  5. Candy (Radio Edit)
  6. Spekrfreks vs Melleefresh - Chocolate Bunny (Original Mix)