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The Blue Elephant feat. J.O.A.


Montreal-based Producer and DJ of Russian origin, The Blue Elephant, is poised to become one of the hottest newcomers to the Canadian electronic music scene in recent years..however.before you ask, no, no one knows where the alias The Blue Elephant came from. Legend has it that it could be a symbolic representation of post-life re-incarnation into the loudest animal on the planet, which would certainly pay homage to the party hits this producer releases! However, what is absolutely certain is that The Blue Elephant is a visionary Producer and DJ and one to watch out for this year and beyond!

The Blue Elephant is known for fusing melodic chord progressions and soothing pads with thumping bass and unforgettable kicks, and for mixing elements from various genres of music in his tracks, borrowing heavily from anything and everything that inspires him: from contemporary pop icons to cutting edge musicians in the Dance, House, Progressive, Trance and Hip Hop scenes.

  1. The Blue Elephant ft. J.O.A. - Danger (Original Mix)