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The Blue Elephant


The Blue Elephant (real name Andrei Poliakov) is a Montreal-based Producer and DJ of Russian origin. Having start his musical education at the young age of 8 years old he is well versed in playing various instruments: piano, alto/tenor saxophone, clarinet, and bass. At the age of 16, The Blue Elephant started composing classical pieces being inspired by the works of such greats as Chopin and Beethoven. This lasted until his early twenties when he was introduced to electronic music production and some of the earlier DAWs and began a gradual transition towards composing and producing electronic music himself. Having been involved in the music scene from an early age, The Blue Elephant is an aficionado of vastly different musical genres, from Classical to Hip-Hop, to Pop, Reggae and House to name a few.

This exposure to different genres of music has resulted in a strong appreciation of rhythm, harmony, structure and tonal definition and this can be heard in all of The Blue Elephant's current work - the fusing of melodic chord progressions and air-cutting leads with thumping bass and beats formulate his distinctive sound.

  1. Mila (Original Mix)