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New Year's Eve 2021

Various Artists


Are you ready to put 2020 to rest? Same here!

Our batch of New Year's Eve 2021 releases include 17 new tracks across 13 singles. Ten of those new tracks are included on this 21-track compilation to complement your NYE.

Kick off your evening with Italian producers Cristian Avigni & Raffaele Caporale's latest deep house work, Friendly Fire. Canadians Kardano and Joel West deliver their VIP Remix of I Like To Party by Kardano ft META4OUR - the original mix appeared on last year's edition of this comp. And Melleefresh breathes new life into her 2008 collab with Dirty 30 on The Money tech house remix.

UK electro house producer idoLies gives us another sublime work with frontLine. Moscow's DJ Oleg Skipper redefines his sound on the house track Level of Awareness. And production duo MXJ refine their sound with the electro house track Destination.

Several artists are making their Play debuts - American producer 2WRAPZ with the tech house track Work It, Canadian producer Left Ear Right with Move My Body, and Croatian producer Robiko with Funky Pills.

Some tracks that previously appeared on comps are now receiving their single releases, including Warm Me Up by Michelino ft Korach, the Hotknife Disco Remix of Billy Newton-Davis' Rush, No One Like U from UK producer Richard Harrington and vocalist Kenei B, and Hotknife's Time To Party.

We've also culled several highlights from the past year and a bit, such as Banju's Deep Remix of R.oK ft Isis Salam's She's a Nobody, Danny Jay's remix of Banju & Saxmode's Caramello and his own original work Lineage, Friky Snake from Outwork vs DJ Frisco & Marcos Peon, Mathey B's Let's Do This, Saladin's Lust, High as a Mafk from JackEL, JAYKØ, and Steezy Wundr.

Closing out the comp is our latest Wolvero single and a perfect track to close out the year - Memories, featuring vocals by Jay Percy.

From choosing your NYE wardrobe to dancing til dawn, New Year's Eve 2021 has got you covered.

  1. Cristian Avigni & Raffaele Caporale - Friendly Fire (Original Mix)
  2. Michelino ft. Korach - Warm Me Up (Deep Mix)
  3. Kardano ft. META4OUR - I Like To Party (Kardano & Joel West VIP Remix)
  4. Billy Newton-Davis - Rush (Hotknife Disco Mix)
  5. R.oK ft. Isis Salam - She's a Nobody (Banju's Deep Remix)
  6. Melleefresh - The Money (Melleefresh Tech Remix)
  7. Banju & Saxmode - Caramello (Danny Jay Remix)
  8. 2 Wrapz - Work It (Original Mix)
  9. Outwork vs DJ Frisco & Marcos Peón - Friky Snake (Original Mix)
  10. Left Ear Right - Move My Body (Club Mix)
  11. Richard Harrington ft. Kenei B - No One Like U (Original Mix)
  12. Hotknife - Time to Party (Extended Mix)
  13. Mathey B - Let's Do This (Original Mix)
  14. Saladin - Lust (Original Mix)
  15. Danny Jay - Lineage (Original Mix)
  16. idoLies - frontLine (Original Mix)
  17. Robiko - Funky Pills (House Remix)
  18. JackEL, JAYKŘ & Steezy Wundr - High as a Mafk (Original Mix)
  19. DJ Oleg Skipper - Level of Awareness (Original Mix)
  20. MXJ - Destination (Extended Mix)
  21. Wolvero ft. Jay Percy - Memories (Original Mix)