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A selection of new tracks, new mixes, and both recent and timeless classics can be discovered in our annual ADE compilation, PLAY AT ADE 2019. It is rife with dance music for the discerning DJ.

Kicking off the party of new work is the Death By Acid Remix of Hotknife vs Mister Tee's Magical, putting a definitive club spin on the Glaswegian funky house duo's six-month-old single. Second up is a new track from Finnish tech house alchemist Mathey B, the bouncey banger Come On Baby.

Poland's Dirty Martin makes his Play debut with the melancholic deep house track The Pretender. And hot on his heels is BlindSpider's progressive house remix of LateNite Show by Melleefresh vs Crossfingers (a bootleg remix that we felt deserved a legit release.)

With the radio edit making its debut on our last NYE compilation, we've been waiting 10 months to put Julien Scalzo's original club mix of Trip In Bangkok on this ADE comp; it's an exquisite piece of tech house from the Belgian producer.

Los Angeleno DJ/producer David Hopper finds inspiration in the words of Alan Watts for his entrée (and Play debut) Speakable World, employing the philosopher's voice on a solid bedrock of underground house rhythms.

Another new remix is Scandall 'n Ros' choice take on Melleefresh's 2018 single On The Beach, the Chicago-based house/techno duo's second rework of one of the Canadian dance diva's tracks (their take on Excuse My French appeared on our NYE2018 compilation.)

Closing out the new work on this compilation is Fergal Freeman's Enchanted Mix of his own Call of the Mystic. Actually the original mix of the track that he later turned d'n'b, the Enchanted Mix is closer to mid-90s trip-hop than anything else in our catalogue.

Amidst all this great new work are some of the finest tracks we've released since last year's ADE - the Melleefresh remix of JackEL & JLM's Friend Zone, the Hilton Caswell remix of Timeless by Richard Harrington ft. Env Vox, and the original mixes of Feelin' Me by Axel Knox and Snow TF's Traficando como Al Capone.

Featuring prominently in the back half of the release are darker works such as Moonlight by San Francisco's Wolvero, 1:*19 from Mexico's CHMI, Can't Look Back by Chicago's Saladin & DJ Cross, as well as the Extended Touch Mix of Anthem by Sao Paolo's Tavares, and - from Paris with love - the Phil Soren remix of Rith Banney's Fantasy.

To top it all off, we've included a few treats from deep in our catalogue - Jerome Robins' Nu Disko Mix of deadmau5's 1981, Boy Pussy's Jackin' Remix of their own Unisex, and Proff's vocal mix of Wonder Why by DJ Generous.

Tot ziens bij Amsterdam, vrienden en geliefden.

  1. Hotknife vs Mister Tee - Magical (Death By Acid Remix)
  2. Mathey B - Come On Baby (Original Mix)
  3. JackEL & JLM - Friend Zone (Melleefresh Remix)
  4. Richard Harrington ft. Env Vox - Timeless (Hilton Caswell Remix)
  5. Dirty Martin - The Pretender (Original Mix)
  6. Melleefresh vs Crossfingers - LateNite Show (BlindSpider Remix)
  7. Julien Scalzo - Trip in Bangkok (Club Mix)
  8. Axel Knox - Feelin' Me (Original Mix)
  9. David Hopper - Speakable World (Original Mix)
  10. deadmau5 - 1981 (Jerome Robins Nu-Disko Remix)
  11. Snow TF - Traficando como Al Capone (Original Mix)
  12. Melleefresh - On The Beach (Scandall 'n Ros Remix)
  13. Wolvero - Moonlight (Original Mix)
  14. Boy Pussy - Unisex (Jackin' Mix 2019 Remaster)
  15. CHMI - 1:*19 (Original Mix)
  16. Saladin & DJ Cross - Can't Look Back (Original Mix)
  17. D.J. Generous - Wonder Why (Proff Vocal Remix)
  18. Tavares - Anthem (Extended Touch Mix)
  19. Rith Banney - Fantasy (Phil Soren Remix)
  20. Fergal Freeman - Call of the Mystic (Enchanted Mix)