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Play at ADE 2022

Various Artists


Our annual collection of music for the Amsterdam Dance Event returns. It's Play at ADE 2022.

This year's package takes a sharper turn into techno/tech house territory, with new works by Antonifree (Hungary), Bluenoid (Belgium), Hectic (UK), Passific Assalt Sissem (Canada/Mexico), CHMI (Mexico), Robert Evans (UK), Frenzy Jones (Bulgaria), Avilo & St. Sinny (USA), and Tyler Kahn (USA).

The house music department is represented by new works from Stereoimagery (Canada) and Chalov (Russia). Digital Dub Fire (Canada) deliver their latest work of progressive house. Lionello (Lithuania) adds two new works in Future Bass and Bass House. PRNV & Moksh (India) make their Play debut with an awesome electro house banger. And Cav Eire (UK/USA) delivers a rare trap house track.

Rounding out the new works are some recent releases from Johnny Trombetta (USA), Mathey B (Finland), Dj Oleg Skipper (Russia), Tech Us Out (UK/USA), Meglajon (USA), and idoLies (UK).

Ga de dansvloer op!

  1. Digital Dub Fire - Same Thing (Original Mix)
  2. CHMI - Bronce (Original Mix)
  3. Robert Evans - Dirty (Original Mix)
  4. Kardano & Melleefresh - A.D.I.D.A.S. (Passific Assalt Sissem Remix)
  5. Hectic - Shot in the Dark (Original Mix)
  6. Avilo & St. Sinny - Rasta (Original Mix)
  7. Bluenoid - Lucid (Original Mix)
  8. Antonifree - Linear Chaos (Original Mix)
  9. Tyler Kahn - Wanna Dance (Original Mix)
  10. Frenzy Jones - I Can Feel A Feeling (Original Mix)
  11. Cav Eire - To Be Yours Now (Original Mix)
  12. PRNV & Moksh - Chase (Original Mix)
  13. Lionello - Uuh (Original Mix)
  14. Lionello - Harder (Original Mix)
  15. Chalov - Balalaika (Original Mix)
  16. Stereoimagery - Body (Original Mix)
  17. Johnny Trombetta - Do You Know (Anything About Techno)? (Original Mix)
  18. Mathey B - Come On Baby (Melleefresh Jackin' Remix)
  19. Tech Us Out - Space Bender (Original Mix)
  20. Meglajon - Sine Asylum (Club Mix)
  21. DJ Oleg Skipper - Level of Awareness (Original Mix)
  22. Lionello - Harder (Extended Mix)
  23. Kardano & Melleefresh - A.D.I.D.A.S. (Passific Assalt Sissem Radio Edit)
  24. Antonifree - Linear Chaos (Party Mix)