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Play Records #NP, Vol. 4

Various Artists


Our annual Summer compilation of original works, #NP, is back for its fourth iteration with 10 new tracks that will have you strutting up the dance floor and bouncing off the walls.

Kicking off festivities is Time to Party from Glasgow's Hotknife, a hard-edged house track well-served by samples of Scottish rave outfit The Rhythmic State. London house producer Richard Harrington and the divine R&B/soul singer Kenei B follow up with arguably the fiercest track on this comp, No One Like U.

Next, the UK's Danny Jay and Banju show you what real power is with their blazing hot banger, No Love (Hosanna), a perfect track to trigger your second wind when you think you've had enough of the dance floor.

Billy Newton-Davis, long a staple of this label, is given the Hotknife treatment on the Glaswegian's disco mix of BND's 2013 single Rush with fantastic results. In the same ballpark is the track that follows it - Warm Me Up from Italian producer Michelino and vocalist Korach, a mix of disco and classic house influences.

First up in the back half of the comp is Pangea, a vivid tech house track from Ukrainian producer Max Hawkins, making his Play Records debut here. Hot on its heels is an entertaining collaboration between Canadian dance diva Melleefresh and Polish DJ duo DJ Kez & Karol N with the house track Pussy (named for the energy drink.) In the same sly vein is the debut of newcomer SIFR4, the low-key electronica track Howard Patterson.

Closing out the compilation are two likewise unusual works. From American producer Malagón comes Scream, a hard-driving piece of progressive house that - no kidding - actually startled us on first listen. And Fergal Freeman follows up on his entree to our recent DnB comp with another track in the same genre, the meditative Call of the Mystic.

Play Records #NP, Volume 4 is like a tapas bar of electronic dance music - there's a little something for everyone.

  1. Hotknife - Time to Party (Original Mix)
  2. Richard Harrington ft. Kenei B - No One Like U (Original Mix)
  3. Danny Jay & Banju - No Love (Hosanna) (Original Mix)
  4. Billy Newton-Davis - Rush (Hotknife Disco Mix)
  5. Michelino ft. Korach - Warm Me Up (Deep Mix)
  6. Max Hawkins - Pangea (Original Mix)
  7. Melleefresh vs DJ Kez & Karol N - Pussy (Original Mix)
  8. SIFR4 - Howard Patterson (Original Mix)
  9. Malagón - Scream (Original Mix)
  10. Fergal Freeman - Call of the Mystic (Original Mix)