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Play Records Pride 2015 Remixes

Various Artists


4 remixes by 2 of our favourite Play Records DJ's the Spekrfreks and Boy Pussy!

Apparition remix by Spekrfreks
Pairing smooth, sexy vocals with their signature banging beats, this new "Future House" remix from Spekrfreks and Melleny Melody's mellifluous vocals will push bodies to the limit with its unstoppable, banging, melodic beats and dance floor energy!

International Bitch Acid House remix by Boy Pussy
Like a cosmic wave rolling through your brain, this cerebral, techy minimal melodic house remix from Melleeefresh and Boy Pussy will have you rocking to the dark n' dirty rhythms of the universe and around the world, & moving to the beat of the galaxy!

Unisex remix by Spekrfreks
Moving from the grinding beats of the modern machine world to the hypnotic rhythms of the space age, this Spekrfreks "Future House" remix of Unisex by Boy Pussy sees all their influences collide in this one massive track!

Unisex Jackin Mix remix by Boy Pussy
With heavy, driving beats and dark, sultry vocals of Boy Pussy this Boy Pussy remix takes over your senses, and leaves you wrapped in its hypnotic rhythms that’ll stay in your head for days!

  1. Melleefresh - Apparition (Spekrfreks Remix)
  2. Boy Pussy - Unisex (Spekrfreks Remix)
  3. Melleefresh vs Boy Pussy - International Bitch (Acid House Remix)
  4. Boy Pussy - Unisex (Boy Pussy Jackin' Remix)